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About IPR Cell

Intellectual property Cell was established on 26-07-2011 at Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut  after proper approval of Council for Science & Technology, UP, Lucknow  vide DO no. 165 dated 19 April-2011 with a mission to create awareness and guidance to academic and non academic staff, students, scholars of Ch. Charan Singh university and its affiliated colleges/ institutes and outside agencies i.e. police, industries and judiciary on the practices and the rules of the protecting all forms of  (Patent, Copyright, Design, Trademarks, Know-how etc.) intellectual property rights (IPRs) and obligations within the frame work of the IPR policy of the university.


The University IP shall be managed by the IPR Cell. The IPR Cell will also take appropriate and sufficient steps to commercialize the intellectual property, which in turn will lead to the creation of fruitful dynamic system between universities, investors and industries. Moreover, the IPR Cell will assure continuous and perpetual knowledge transfer amongst students and faculties, alike.